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Dispensaries for Sale

We analyze dispensary financial information to forecast business, industry, or economic condition.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries for Sale​

"Build to sell" is a mantra for most entrepreneurs.


As the cannabis markets mature and develop, opportunities exist for investors and business savvy managers to purchase existing operations and enter relatively stable and budding markets in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, Arizona and Alaska. 

  • How much is your marijuana dispensary worth?

  • How do you establish value of cannabis cultivation operations?

  • Do you know your dispensary's KPI -Trends?

  • Cause of Variances?

  • What are the current pricing models, yields, market stability?

  • What are your investment risk & rewards? 

  • What are the cannabis market & political trends?​

Let's identify your areas for process efficiency, profitability, and set operational & financial benchmarks.  As a buyer or seller, it's wise to start with the financial analysis. 


Find out how much your dispensary is worth today. Contact us for pricing on conducting quantitative analyses of Information affecting your investment for medical or recreational dispensaries, cultivation operations, extractors, labs and manufacturers.

What is your dispensary worth?

We work with both dispensary buyers and sellers to establish value of medical and recreational stores, grow ops, infused product manufacturers, labs and hemp operations. 

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