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Financial Analysis, Forecasting, Accounting, Bookkeeping, & CPAs

20+ years financial analytics and business forecasting. Start today with a complimentary call and speak with an experience cannabis analyst.


Your business plans are only as good as your data is accurate. Our team has access to local, national and global data. Trusted. Experience. Accurate.


Cannabis markets are as complex as they are diverse. Each state has a variety of financial standards, and the IRS codes change annually.


In the cannabis markets, optimization of each financial transaction, investment, cost, and sale often decides winners from losers. Win your niche. 


Cannabis analytics, accounting, bookkeeping and CPA work provides your company a competitive advantage in a rapidly expanding industry.

Cannabis Financial Expertise


  • Solve Complex Problems 

  • Optimize Business Financials

  • Accurate Financial Reporting

  • Sales & Marketing Analytics

  • Identify Market Trends

  • Loss Avoidance and Profit Targeting

Financial Analysis | Forecasting | Accounting | Bookkeeping | CPA | 280 E Compliant

"Waste not. Want not." It's an ancient principle that applies in every business handbook. With that said, my experience ranges from start-ups to corporate giants. 

  • 20+ years financial analytics and business forecasting

  • Monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPI)-Trends, Cause of Variances—Competitors Activities

  • Brand & Product Performance: Pricing/Product/Channel/Yield/Stability/Future Investment-Risk Trends/Economical Influences

  • Operating Efficiency-On Time Delivery, Quality Control Time, Labor Usage

  • Sales Performance & Goals

  • Identifying Areas For Business Process Efficiency, Profitability Improvements, and Operational & Financial Controls

  • Conducting Quantitative Analyses of Information Affecting Investment Programs of Public or Private Institutions

  • Inform Investment Decisions by Analyzing Financial Information to Forecast Business, Industry, or Economic Conditions

  • Product Movement-Buying Trends & Customer Needs

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